Silent Nightmares: A Christmas Story

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Dive into a horror adventure within a winter landscape teeming with zombies and other ominous entities in this first-person shooter survival horror game. Your mission: unravel the mystery behind a maniacal Santa Claus and strive to save every possible survivor amoung possessed.

Step into the eerie world of “Frozen Lands” with your friends. The town of Frozen Lands, trapped in an eternal winter, conceals chilling secrets within its icy embrace. Equipped with thermal gear and flashlights, your group braves abandoned houses, haunted forests, and icy caves. Unearth cryptic puzzles that reveal the town’s dark history. As you navigate, supernatural forces emerge from the shadows, adding a layer of terror to the freezing night.

Collaborate with your friends, for paranoia sets in amidst flickering streetlights and ghostly whispers. Can you survive the unforgiving winter, solve the mysteries, and escape the icy clutches of ‘Frozen Shadows,’ or will the frozen landscape claim you and your companions, leaving behind only whispers in the snow?


  • Realistic and detailed environments that amplify the horror atmosphere.
  • Diverse and horrifying enemies with unique behaviors and weaknesses.
  • Boss battles that are both challenging and pulse-pounding.
  • Expansive, interconnected world with hidden areas and secrets.
  • Puzzles that require critical thinking and exploration to solve.
  • Resource management where every bullet counts.
  • Cooperative gameplay with your friend.