Neko Secret – Homecoming


When you were traveling around the world, someone told you about an anime factory located in some Neko Town. Now this is your way. Perhaps the anime begins here. Is this your place?


Explore Neko Town looking for hidden objects. Walk down the streets, find new places to get in. Try a variety of mini games like playing darts, picking locks, breaking safes! Try changing your style using character customization. Finally, find the way to get to the anime factory and hack all its computer’s data!


  • A short story;
  • 2D and 3D gameplay;
  • 12 arts to unlock;
  • Several mini games;
  • Character customization;

Adult DLC in Steam

To activate free DLC for countries like Germany, where Steam has blocked all adult content, you can create an empty file in the root folder of the game called “DLC_NekoHacker2.pak”. This will unlock the DLC content.