God of Failure


In the God of Failure you will defend the castle from the evil orcs. Place the traps on their way to stop them!


Plan your strategy wisely. You should get rid of the orcs by placing the traps which cost money. You have a whole castle at your service which will bring you more resources and will hold up to the fiercest attack after some upgrading. Your castle will bring some income but you also could dig the ground to find a treasure and replenish the money stock!

The story

During the Medieval times the orcs invaded the land of men and unleashed robbery on the innocents. People were powerless against this menace so they had to plea to the higher forces.

Become their god and help them protect what they hold dear by setting up traps on the path of mindless orcs. Building traps requires resources so you have to plan carefully to reach success. You also can try your luck and look for treasures!


  • Funny orcs
  • 10 types of traps
  • 10 maps
  • 2 game modes