Game development

We develop games for all mainstream platforms (iOS, Android, PC, XBOX, PS4) including VR (Oculus Rift). We have accumulated huge developing experience since 2011 and are not afraid of complex projects, be it a single player adventure or an online FPS.

Our team can take on a whole development process, starting with prototyping and all the way up to the release or we could do a certain part in the development cycle. For example, in case you have a finished game prototype we could bring this game up to the stage of complete ready to be released version. We could also prepare the project for the release on certain distributing platform (Steam, Google Play, App Store).

By ordering the key you get a complete game, the marketing part of the project goes separately. Our main goal is to strike a deal that will be beneficial for YOU so we encourage you to fill the contact form on the website’s main page!