We are porting EBOLA VILLAGE to consoles:

Playstation Store https://store.playstation.com/en-us/concept/10011320

Nintendo Switch TBD

Information from the developer Indie Games Studio:

Steam https://store.steampowered.com/app/2306030/

Now, the terrible events of the series of games “EBOLA” are unfolding in Russia. The game was developed in conjunction with the EBOLA VILLAGE short film.

A classic horror inspired by the original survival games of the 90s, EBOLA VILLAGE — is a modern take on a first-person adventure where the main character Maria investigates the mysterious events that took place in Russia. Maria is sitting in her apartment watching her favorite series, the transmission is interrupted, and a live broadcast about a biological threat begins. Maria goes to the village to visit her mother and her ex-husband Ruslan…and terrible things start to happen there…
You have to understand the intricate history, and find out what happened, and who is involved in this.

The well-developed setting of the game will completely immerse you in the atmosphere of the Russian village.


Artfully crafted environments:
• Explore gloomy locations
• High-quality sound effects
• Well-designed environment of the Russian village
• It is possible to interact with many objects

Combat system:
• Variety of weapons
• Realistic enemy physics
• The system of damage and dismemberment of the enemy
• 3 difficulty levels
• Unique bosses

The revival of the genre:
• Treatment with Russian herbs
• Puzzles in the style of the 90s
• 3 difficulty levels to choose from
• First person
• Inventory Management
• Chest inventory management