Doggy Up!


Playstation Store

Nintendo Switch TBD


Embark on an amazing and touching journey with our new game – Doggy Up! This is an amazing story about the extraordinary friendship between a disabled boy and his faithful dog.

In the game you will meet the main characters – a cute boy Liam and his loyal dog Ollie. However, our brave boy needs an operation and money to perform it. This is where you come into action. Your main task is to help the boy gather all the necessary funds and put him on his feet.

Doggy up also pleases your eyes with beautiful graphics. We paid special attention to details and created a bright and colorful world that will immerse you in the atmosphere of the game. Every location and every action will come to life on your screen and make you immerse yourself in this exciting and touching story.

We also offer a unique opportunity to customize your character with our editor. You will be able to choose one of your favorite colors for Ollie, as well as to dress him with available accessories.

The game also features a photo mode to capture your best moments.

So don’t wait – join our exciting adventure game Doggy Up! Alone or with a friend, help Liam and Ollie overcome all the challenges on their way.


  • Comfortable controls are characteristic of good platformers
  • Beautiful graphics and locations
  • Unique gameplay
  • Character editor
  • Photo mode
  • Cooperative game