Anime vs Evil: Apocalypse

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In Anime vs Evil you will fight the monsters that take over the whole world by mystical polygonal magic. Find the survivors, look for the supplies, beat the story mode and finally finish with this mess!


Do you want to play an enjoyable shooter with beautiful characters? You’re in the right place! Shoot all those enemies in varios game modes, use different weapons to stop them. Unlock secret safes solving mini-games. Beat the story mode to collect all characters in your anti-zombie harem!


  • Story mode;
  • Good and bad endings;
  • Mini games;
  • Lovely character customization;
  • x8 cute playable characters;
  • x4 large main levels;
  • x3 game modes;
  • Various types enemies;
  • Various types weapons;



If you have problems installing the adult DLC, you can download this file and place it in the root game folder. This works for PC version.

Download DLC content file here