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AXYOS is an experimental FPS being made for players by players!

AXYOS is for those who are looking for a combination of MOBA and FPS genres. When leading your team to win, you shouldn't only be an accurate shooter, but additionally, play tactically by using support items and wisely upgrading your character during a gaming session!

Inspired by giants of gaming industry, we made a decision to create our own game, which would inherit some key aspects of FPS and MOBA genres but was built relying on opinions of common gamers. This is how AXYOS came to be. Together, we can make this game happen!

To say it simple - this game is a combination of a MOBA genre and mostly multiplayer FPS. We are trying to implement MOBA elements such as Ingame shop and session level-up system inside of a shooter mechanics. By the time of full release, we will introduce more and more of such elements and balance these two genres within one game.


Hi! We are international indie game developers from Ukraine and Russia.
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Yaroslav Hetsko

3D Artist
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Vladimir Zhelnov

Cake is lie.
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Andrey Kharitonov

Project manager, Programmer, Technical artist
Guy, game developer and gamer. I’m part of Axyos Games team since its creation.
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Sergey Solovyev